What Colour Underwear Were You Wearing…

…on New Year’s Eve?

This is a serious question. Deadly serious. Because in Brazil (or so my pal tells me), the colour underwear that you wear on New Year’s Eve is extremely significant to how you want your year to turn out.

Red = love
White= peace
Yellow = money
The list goes on, though I’m not much of an expert on the colours and the meanings.

New Year’s Eve for me was spent doing the same thing I have done every new year for the past three years: singing with my band. This year we were playing at a black tie event in South London, playing to a rather older crowd than we’re used to, but who seemed to be loving it nonetheless. All except one tuxedoed gentleman who, after the first set, came to tell us ‘THAT WAS RUBBISH!’ Why thankyou, fine sir! Lovely chap. It’s ok though guys- other members of the crowd declared us to be ‘THE BEST BAND THEY’VE EVER SEEN!’ So, you win some you lose some, know what I’m saying!?

Some people might think it sort of sucks to be working on New Years Eve, but actually I reckon it’s an evening that’s a little overrated as evenings go. I mean, it would be awesome if we could celebrate the start of every month in the style that we celebrate the start of January, don’t you think? I don’t make any resolutions because I think it’s important to keep trying to be a better person all the time, not just at at the start of the year. (Though good on you if you do, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to resolve to do good things. That would be a crazy statement to make).

We played three sets in total, with The Countdown occurring just before the final hour’s-worth of music that we would be providing. But. It was at the moment that the countdown began, that I simultaneously thought back to the Brazilian New Year’s tradition that my pal had informed me of earlier in the year, and semi-adopted it as my own…

The crowd were singing Auld Lang Syne, party-poppers were firing into the air, and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as it dawned on me- I was wearing NUDE underwear.


I am horrified. I’m not even sure whether it technically counts as a colour in the first place.

Three days in to 2016, I’m still experiencing mild symptoms of panic when I think of it. I’m trying to put a positive spin on things and tell myself it means ‘a blank canvas.’

But what do I know!? It’s not even my own tradition, for goodness’ sake!

If any Brazilians out there could shed some light on this, it would be extremely appreciated.

Until then, I’ll keep googling in earnest hope that the Internet can shed some light on the situation. 😅


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