Coffee of Hamburg!

Well pals, it’s no secret that I’m a real fan of a good coffee shop, due partly of course to my love of a good cup of coffee but also to the general experience of the whole shebang. A good coffee shop is in my opinion 50% about the coffee and 50% about the atmosphere (friendliness of baristas included in the atmosphere bracket, FYI), and particularly during winter time hunting out new coffee shops to hang out and have a cuppa in can become a serious hobby of mine if I’m not careful. Hamburg as a city is all about individuality and so it’s my advice to you to stay away from the Starbucks and head straight for a quirkier, more coffee-loving establishment like one of these below. Continue reading


A Rather Late Round-Up of 2017

I’m a bit late to the party here pals given that we’re almost one month into the new year, but at this particular moment in time I appear to be stuck in a hotel in Hamburg with not a whole lot to do; so what better way to fill the time than a casual reflection on the year just gone!? I mean, I thought I might as well, for a laugh. If anything I always find that it helps you to feel grateful for the experiences you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learnt and the people you’ve met, and at this point in time (the point in time where I couldn’t board a flight to the Dominican Republic due to a sick bug and am hanging out in Hamburg for a week instead), I feel like this could really help me, know what I’m saying!? Continue reading

Christmas in Germany: The Art of the Weihnachtsmarkt!

‘Tis the season to be jolly y’all!! And as I’m somehow located in jolly old Germany for this year’s Christmas season, it’s the first time in my entire life that I’ve experienced a real life German Christmas market, and let me tell you this for free: they are kind of a big deal. The only thing I knew of these markets up until now, was that secondary schools in England often like to do a day trip to one of these market squares in order to allow the language students to really get a feel of German culture (although maybe that’s not such a normal thing any more, given that languages and art and all that malarkey aren’t really popular with the UK government these days?) But enough of that for the time being, as a month ago I arrived in the North of Germany and found myself thrown slap bang into a Winter Wonderland, the likes of which far outdoes any offering that the actual London Winter Wonderland could ever offer. Soz, London. Just being honest.

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What to do in Hamburg

I’m going to be honest here pals: when I first arrived in Hamburg, I was not a fan. I was staying on the Reeperbahn, a notorious red light district road with such an array of sights to see that I don’t even know where to begin, but I’m pleased to say that since then I managed to find my feet, got stuck into things and life carried on. I also managed to see past the needles, blood and smashed bottles spattered across the streets of Sankt Pauli in the early mornings (I’m really selling Hamburg to you, aren’t I!?), to the silver lining that lies beneath. Despite elements of the city that are kind of unpleasant, this can be said for probably any city in the world, and there are places here that are actually pretty awesome having given it time to acclimatise to.  Every cloud does have a silver lining, I’m sure of it. Here is what I think you should be doing if you ever find yourself in Hamburg and wondering what on earth to do with yourself…

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