Try-Before-You-Die: Swedish Foods

Alright there pals! I’m currently located in snowy Sweden, it’s -3 degrees Celsius (which isn’t too bad, all things considered), and I’ve just tucked into my first Semla bun ever in the history of my life. Every time I arrive in Sweden it seems to be just in time for a different annual food-based event; either I can detect food from all the way back in England (it’s possible) or there are continually food-based events occurring here. Either way, here is a quick run-through of the Scandinavian treats I have so far been lucky enough to sample since I first visited- some of them are plain delicious, others are more of an acquired taste and need a decent level of mental preparation before sampling.

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Swedish Summers

Silence is golden 💛

Whenever I tell people I’m off to Sweden (I have family there, so it’s a fairly regular occurrence), they often presume that means I’m off to the frozen wastelands of the far North. No, no, my friends! Contrary to popular belief, Sweden is not just about Ikea, Abba and snow. The cities are nice, but don’t shun the countryside, guys- look how amazing it is!!

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