…to the adventures of a mildly confused individual who spends far too much time wandering around not really knowing where on earth she actually is. Awkward times.

Alex Getting Lost all around the world

For the last few years I’ve been singing my way around the world on a cruise ship, which is a pretty handy way to get a glimpse of parts of the world I never thought I’d be able to see with my own two eyeballs. In between my cruise ship stints I’m a big fan of exploring at my own pace, normally budget-style but sometimes with a bit of luxury thrown in for luck. (After stopping off at home for at least a cup of tea or two first, I’ll be honest).

Whilst I do like to explore the tourist hotspots- and my cruise ship life takes me to a lot of them- I’m also a fan of getting off-the-beaten-path and discovering hidden gems in the places I travel to. And I LOVE photographing the places I visit. After a few years of posting my pictures on Instagram I was getting so many messages asking for tips and advice about the places I’d been, that I thought it’d be a full on brilliant idea to start this blog.

So, pals- here it is, in all its bloggy glory!

What you’ll find in these posts is a mixture of photographs, journal-style stories ranging from the thought-provoking to the awkwardly humorous (a lot of awkwardly humorous things tend to happen to me tbh), and as many tips and useful pieces of information that I can possibly think of to include. I’d also like to hereby declare that my aim throughout all of this is to be 100% honest about my experience in each place I’ve visited, whether that’s positive or negative. Furthermore…don’t get me wrong here- I’m very much up for taking a photo of myself in the amazing parts of the world that I’ve been lucky enough to see- but not if that involves airbrushing out the 632 other tourists in the photo, or climbing a mountain in a silk maxi dress because it’ll get more ‘likes.’ Ain’t nobody got time for that.

A step by step guide to having a good old fashioned wander and exploring the world like a true pro

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am loving your blog!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your wanders, I just got back from Santorini and looking for some inspiration for where to go next so I know what I’m going to do on my lunch break 😀 xx

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