The adventures of a mildly confused individual who spends far too much time wandering around, whether I’m getting paid for it or not. I am not an expert on anything (in general life or when it comes to travelling around) but I do like to share my stories.

For the last year or two I’ve been working as a singer on a cruise ship, and at home I sing, act, nanny, teach, dance…and sometimes work behind a bar, in a shop, whilst occasionally typing things up in offices. That last one is a right barrel of laughs. In between these many many jobs I like to try and get to all sorts of other places (even though nine times out of ten it terrifies me), preferably places around the world but also on my own English soil. Sometimes on my own, sometimes with friends. Sometimes budget backpacker style, sometimes at a slightly more extravagant level. Basically, with all this coming and going I’m never quite sure what I’m doing or where I am so I thought the best way to combat that is to start chronicling it all in a handy blog format.

A strong advocate of talking to strangers (the stranger the better), and getting lost on purpose, because the world is a beautiful and bizarre place, people are fascinating creatures, and apart from anything else it makes for some interesting tales to add to the collection.

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