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Goat Yoga in North Carolina. TRUE STORY.

People just really enjoy taking two seemingly unconnected things, and putting them together to form a new bizarre hybrid creation, don’t they!? Back in the day it was zeedonks and ligers, nowadays it’s cat cafes and cronuts…and GOAT YOGA. And let me tell you this for free guys- I am highly supportive of this goat yoga phenomenon that has all of a sudden taken off!! Having tried yoga before, I’ve discovered that my mind does wander very easily, so surely if you add goats into the equation, that will help to keep your mind fully fixed on the task in hand!? When I booked a trip to go and visit my lovely pal Rachel in her home town of Raleigh, North Carolina, the first thing she announced to me was- ‘We are doing GOAT YOGA.’ And that, pals, is why Rachel is a good person- she is one proactive human being who understands the need to experience life’s finer things. And goat yoga in North Carolina, is indeed one of these.

It took about forty minutes for the drive from Raleigh to Hux Family Farm, through the glorious North Carolina countryside. Let me tell you pals, it truly is glorious- the sky was bright blue, and the whole of the surrounding countryside was bright green with vivid pops of blossoms on the trees. There were some country classics on the radio and all was good in the world!

Beautiful blossom on the trees in Raleigh North CarolinaSpringtime, driving through Durham North Carolina

Did we stop for coffee en route, despite the fact that we were running slightly behind schedule?? Why yes, yes we did! There was a mild moment of panic when post-Starbucks we began making our way down a narrow country lane which was unsignposted and therefore surely the farm wasn’t down there? Therefore surely we might possibly be late!? But the GPS did not lie- we pulled into the driveway where a small family appeared to be waiting for us, baby and all!

Hux Family Farm is a small family-run farm in Durham, North Carolina, and it is full on cute. As well as their posse of goats, there are ducks, some very large and hairy pigs, horses, and a brilliant dog with the noble name of Ragnar, all living together in farmyard harmony! As well as their mega-popular goat interactions, they hold summer camps for kids, and sell duck eggs, goat milk and a selection of goat milk based products like soap. They basically have it all. As soon as we had parked up, we were invited to go and say hi to the goats, armed with our specially prepared bag of food that we’d chopped up for them that morning. They were loving our apples and carrots, if I do say so myself.

A sheep in the hay at Hux Family Farm

And then it was on into a round-shaped pen specially designated for GOAT YOGA. I’ll be honest guys, I’ve been saying ‘goat yoga’ this whole time, but that’s more because it runs smoother off the tongue- we were actually there for a goat meditation/very mild stretching session, involving a few casual yoga poses. Because there wasn’t a GOAT YOGA session that day. But that’s by the by, because let’s face it, really everyone’s just there for the goats. Even so, we each sat down on a yoga mat, the gate was opened, and in rushed a flood of goats! Plus one sheep and Ragnar.

It. Was. Awesome.

The goats, both adult and kids, are clearly very used to being around people, so some headed straight for a lap, or just casually placed a hoof or two on a carefully selected knee, and others just chose to chill out separately from the group, giving themselves a bit of ‘me’ time. Also, Ragnar. Ragnar is larger and more solid than a Shetland Pony, but he also ventured from lap to lap searching for the best spot to rest his weary head. What a gem.

Holding a baby goat at Hux Family Farm, North Carolina

An amazing dog at the farm in North Carolina

Although the guided meditation wasn’t that meditative, because you know- goats- it was actually still really relaxing, somehow!? The only noises you can hear are the breeze in the trees and the occasional twitter of birdsong, and the weather was warm enough that it was really nice to just sit outside in the peace and quiet, loving life! Occasionally there was a mild disturbance when a goat got a sudden urge to go to the toilet on a person, but that’s why you wear old clothes to these activities, pals. To prepare for goat excrement.

And here is the part which explains why goat yoga has become popular: if goats see something climbable, their instinct is to climb it. (If you’ve never seen those pictures of goats hanging out in trees, you should google it right now because your mind will surely be blown) If you were to hit a ‘downward dog’ here, it would be ‘upward goat’ instantly, and that’s pretty much what went down at Hux Family Farm- a lot of goats, climbing on a lot of people. It is hilarious.

After the session there was loads of time to just chill out with the animals, have a chat to them if you felt like it, and take all the pictures that your heart desired, and the lovely owners were right there throughout to answer any questions or pass you any goats.

Maybe goat yoga is a gimmicky thing, kind of designed as a way for the modern-day millennial to feel ok about going to a farm without children in tow, but I for one had an absolute blast, and loved every second of the time we had at Hux Family Farm. Truly, if you’ve not experienced this, you’ve never lived I tell ya!

Good people! Good goats! Good times!

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