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What to Do in Tucson, Arizona

Although it was purely by chance that we ended up in the city of Tucson (the chance of a very cheap and cheerful flight that got us one step closer to ultimately reaching New Orleans), this city just about charmed me to pieces I tell ya! This was in part due to the friendliness of… Continue reading What to Do in Tucson, Arizona

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Getting Stuck in Vegas (or, Adventures at the Tod Motor Motel)

After staying for three days at The Excalibur, which FYI is a gigantic and fantastically tacky castle-themed hotel and casino at one end of the South Las Vegas Boulevard, the plan was to venture in the vague direction of the Grand Canyon and continue from there, moving onwards across America in a joyous semi-pioneering fashion.… Continue reading Getting Stuck in Vegas (or, Adventures at the Tod Motor Motel)

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A casual review of the HI Downtown San Francisco 

Our first hostel stay in San Francisco was for three nights at the HI San Francisco Downtown, and I'll tell you for sure it was a good'n.  Although it was fairly late at night when our Amtrak bus deposited us into the centre of the city- get the lowdown on the Amtrak adventure here- the… Continue reading A casual review of the HI Downtown San Francisco 

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Climbing Preikestolen 

Right you guys...I was pretty lucky the other day, and I'll tell you why. We've now been in Norway for around two months, it's the height of Summer, and despite that we've mainly had two months of solid freezing cold and/or drizzle. It gets a bit miserable after a while, you know!? But the other… Continue reading Climbing Preikestolen 

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Adventures at the HI:Santa Monica

The spooky mist that had shrouded the palm trees upon our arrival into LA had disappeared by the time we woke up the following morning, luckily. After checking out of our hotel bright and early, we made our way to a bus stop to await the #3 Big Blue Bus towards our hostel in Santa… Continue reading Adventures at the HI:Santa Monica

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24 Hours in Copenhagen (Budget Edition)

After a week in Sweden, I decided to return to London via Copenhagen- partly because it was cheaper, (strange but true fact)- and partly because it seemed like a way more fun idea than just going straight home. Denmark is known for being rather expensive, so as is my normal style when visiting a highly-priced… Continue reading 24 Hours in Copenhagen (Budget Edition)