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How to get the ferry from Corfu to Albania

Getting the ferry from Corfu to Albania is super easy, and super quick. In fact Albania is so close that you can see its beautiful mountains across the sea from the coast of Corfu. And, Albania is 100% worth visiting, whether you’re planning to visit on a day trip from Corfu, or to explore the stunning Albania Riviera for a few days or more. Plenty of ferries run daily, between Corfu Town on the Eastern side of Corfu, and the city of Saranda in the West of Albania.

Where is the ferry port in Corfu?

The Greek island of Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea and is one of the most luscious and green islands in Greece. Plenty of people arrive here either by air or sea, and it’s the perfect place to stop when island hopping in the Ionian islands. Also known by its Greek name, Kerkyra or Corfu Town is the biggest town on the island; and also the home of Corfu’s port.

Technically Corfu port is within walking distance of the Old Town, and should take just over 30 minutes in total to reach on foot. However on a boiling hot day, and depending on the amount of luggage you have- you might prefer to get a taxi, which will cost around €10.

There are also several different bus lines connecting Corfu port with the city, although none of them go directly into the centre of the Old Town. The streets are way too windy and narrow for all that. But also, rather pretty.

To get the ferry from Corfu to Albania you’ll have to go all the way to the far end of the new port (basically keep walking until you can walk no more), and then through passport control. If you get hungry, there’s a small cafe inside the terminal building where you can buy food and drink. There’s also a few plugs around if you need to charge your phone (although these spots aren’t obvious, and do take a bit of hunting to locate).

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Which ferry company should you use?

There are four different ferry companies running between Corfu and Saranda, although I’d recommend using either Ionian Seaways or Finikas Lines. Both companies are reliable and the two companies work together- so the price is exactly the same.

You can book with either company between 90 days and 24 hours in advance, and although it is possible to book on the day at a ticket office, I’d still recommend booking ahead of time. Because of my lack of a printer (classic me, living out of a suitcase), I had to go to the ticket office anyway to print my ticket out. BUT if you book far enough in advance with either Finikas Lines or Ionian Seaways, you can save 10% on your booking.

How long is the Corfu to Albania ferry journey

I got the ferry from Corfu to Albania using Finikas lines, but each time I travelled in a different type of boat. There’s a considerable difference between travelling by ferry or by the Flying Dolphin speed boat. A ferry boat to Saranda should take about 70 minutes, and a speed boat takes around half an hour.

ferry ride from Corfu to Albania

Corfu to Saranda by ferry

I travelled out from Corfu to Albania by ferry. Although I’ll be honest- that hadn’t been the plan.

Rather awkwardly the journey to Saranda was delayed by several hours, thanks to some incredibly choppy water. Despite the annoyance of having to wait for several hours, I was extremely glad the ferry left when it was a bit safer to sail-as the journey was more like sitting on a rollercoaster than a casual ferry. (Even though the sun was shining and the waves no longer looked particularly insane.)

And here’s what happened before I even made it to the port: Saved by a Stranger in Corfu

Everyone sat squeezed onto seats in the open air, with water hitting most people square in the face. It was all rather full on, pals! To top it off, from about halfway through the journey onwards a whole load of people began throwing up with every vigorous movement. Having suffered most of my life with quite bad seasickness (despite spending the last four years working on ships), I was insanely proud that I managed to get through the journey without vomiting.

But. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t hugely relieved to finally see Saranda’s port in the pink sunset sky as the journey came to an end. By the time we reached Albania the ferry had taken at least half an hour longer than expected.

the ferry from Corfu to Albania
ferry from Corfu to Albania

Saranda to Corfu by speed boat

Technically it’s called the Flying Dolphin speed boat, don’cha know.

Although I appreciated the challenge of trying to remain as calm as possible as the sea threw the ferry to Albania around like crazy- I have to admit the speed boat was a far more manageable experience. Emotionally and physically.

On the speedboat, the seats are inside and it feels more like you’re sitting on a vaporetto in Venice than a full on ferry. The view of the outside world is from a much lower-down perspective and it can get kind of warm inside- but for a journey that lasts a mere thirty minutes, I’m not complaining in the slightest. The whole thing was blooming’ marvellous!

Where is the ferry port in Saranda?

The centre of Saranda is easier to navigate than Corfu Town, particularly when it comes to locating the harbour. This is mainly down to the fact that the city centres around a crescent-shaped bay.

Also- the port terminal is a rather Wes Anderson-esque pink building, which I just really appreciate.

Saranda’s port is located in the west of the city, with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants very close by. It’s within extremely easy walking distance to the main sights of the city, as well as hotels galore- in fact if you’re looking for a hotel near Saranda’s port, the Hotel Royal Saranda is mere minutes away and has a great roof terrace as well.

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The ferry port in Saranda Albania

Low Season versus high season travel

There are two main differences when considering whether to travel in low season or high season in Greece and the Balkans- particularly when it comes to transport. The first is price, and the second is the difference in frequency of trips available!

Corfu to Albania ferry timetable

  • From January to April ferries between Corfu and Saranda only run once a day- from Corfu to Saranda at 9am, and Saranda to Corfu at 12pm.
  • Number of ferries increases daily until high season, when ferries travel from Corfu to Saranda regularly between the first ferry of the day at 8.40am and the last ferry of the day at 7.00pm. From Saranda to Corfu the first ferry leaves at 6am and the final one departs at 6.30pm. On Mondays, regardless of high or low season, there are only a maximum of three ferries in operation each way.
  • For a detailed ferry timetable head over to Ionian Seaways.
  • When looking at the timetable, remember that Greece is one hour ahead of Albania. Don’t forget to change your watch, or risk missing the ferry!

Ticket price

  • During low season- from September to June- an adult ticket from Corfu to Saranda costs €19 each way.
  • During high season- from July to September- an adult ticket from Corfu to Saranda costs €23.80 each way.
  • Cost of a car (obv only for ferries) is €42 each way- but is the same price whether in high or low season.

The only reason I visited Saranda in the first place was because I was in Corfu and realised how quick and easy it is to get the ferry from Corfu to Albania. Considering it was almost an ‘afterthought’ addition to my trip, I was full on surprised by how much I enjoyed my first experience in this beautiful Balkan country- and would definitely recommend a visit if you’re travelling through this part of the world.

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