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The Best Restaurants in Corfu Town – a guide to the most delicious hidden gems in Old Town Kerkyra

Even if you’re staying outside of Corfu Town in the North or South of the island, a day trip to the old town of Corfu (also known as Kerkyra) is a must. Wandering through the Venetian alleyways is like stepping back in time, whilst also providing a bit of relief from the scorching sun in mid-summer. To top it off, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from when you start to feel peckish. Here’s my list of the best restaurants in Corfu Town- plus a few extras for luck. I’ve tried many in my time, so I’ve whittled my list down to only the top choices for eating in drinking in the Old Town!

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streets of Corfu Town

Mare Misto – Best fish in Corfu Town

Mare Misto was the first place I ate in Kerkya, and without a doubt is one of my favourites. If it wasn’t for the incredible smell wafting out of the door, I might never have stepped inside, but I’m so glad I did. And I recommend that everyone else does, too.

This isn’t a fancy restaurant by any means- just a tiny turquoise room with a few small tables inside. Mare Misto is a casual eatery which specialises in simple but ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS fish, fresh each day from the market nearby. And when I say ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS I truly mean it- when it comes to fish, these guys really know what they’re doing.

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My favourite is anything grilled– the folks at Mare Misto cook it to perfection- but fried fish is also available, plus a whole selection of delicious sides and appetisers. Even just looking at the picture of grilled sardines I ate below is making my mouth water uncontrollably. Good lord.

Mare Misto, 12 Markora Gerassimou, Kerkya

the best restaurant for grilled fish in Corfu Town
Mare Misto, the best place for grilled fish in Corfu Town
Greek Salad at Mare Misto

Sway – Best Brunch and cocktails in Corfu Town

Sway is centrally located, in a great spot not far from the Liston- the pedestrian walkway at the heart of the Old Town’s life. Housed in a grand old building on the corner, the interior is beautifully decorated and there’s also plenty of outdoor seating on the street. The staff are always amazing, and Sway quickly became one of my go-to restaurants when in Corfu Town.

I love getting brunch or breakfast here, however I can confirm that this is also a brilliant place for pretty much any meal of the day. The food is consistently delicious, (especially the grilled octopus, FYI). And if you’re looking for somewhere atmospheric to have cocktails in Corfu Town then look no further. Sway’s selection is both massive and extremely tasty.

Sway Bar and Kitchen, Kapodistriou & Agion Panton

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Aubergine Cafe – Best Vegan Restaurant in Corfu Town

In fact, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the only vegan restaurant in Corfu Town. Corfu (and the Greek islands in general) has long held on to its traditionally fish and meat heavy cuisine, so although it can be tricky for vegans to hunt down a decent plant-based meal here, Aubergine does it brilliantly.

Aubergine serves homemade vegetarian and vegan versions of Greek classics, including gyros, moussaka, and pastitsio. (Amongst a tonne of other traditional dishes.) Vegan desserts and homemade vegan ice cream are also on the menu, and although I haven’t tried it myself, the restaurant serves breakfast as well.

The restaurant is in a lovely location, tucked next to the Palace of St Michael and St George. There’s loads of pretty little outdoor tables, and it makes a great spot to chill out in the evening with a glass of wine, watching the swifts flocking overhead.

Aubergine Cafe, Kapodistriou 110

Vegan restaurant in Corfu

Corfu Sailing Restaurant – Best Location in Corfu Town 

Not only is the menu great, but the Corfu Sailing Club is also without a doubt the classiest location on my best restaurants in Corfu list.

It takes quite a bit of effort to reach this little gem; to reach the sailing club, enter the Old Fortress and bear round to the left. Pass the music school (you’ll know it’s the music school from the sounds of classical instruments ribboning out of the windows), and eventually you’ll reach a slope downwards. This takes you to a hidden beach- one of the only places to swim in Corfu Town- and to the left of the beach, the Corfu Sailing Club.

All the seating here is outdoors, and thanks to its extremely hidden location the atmosphere is extremely peaceful. It’s possible to just sit here appreciating the view, enjoying a drink and the sound of the cicadas. BUT. The food at the Corfu Sailing Club restaurant is EXQUISITE, and so amazingly presented as well. You’d be crazy not to try it.

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant, Old Fortress of Corfu

best restaurants in Corfu Town
Something involving squid and fava beans. It was incredible.
view from the Corfu Sailing Club restaurant
The view from the Corfu Sailing Club

Bellissimo – Best Traditional Greek restaurant in Corfu Town

Confusing title on this one guys, because Bellissimo is clearly an Italian name, not a Greek one. And in fact, Bellissimo apparently does a fantastic selection of pizzas.

But I had some really delicious home cooked Greek meals at this little taverna. The restaurant is at the end of a narrow cobbled alleyway which opens up onto a quiet square, making for a great little location. The staff are really friendly and this is a perfect restaurant for families or small groups (as well as solo travellers like, occasionally, little old me).

The fried zucchini balls are incredible, and if you’re fancying something lighter than a moussaka or a heavy lamb dish, be warned that the salads at Bellissimo are colossal.

Bellissimo, Nikiforou Theotoki 79

cathedral in Corfu Town
The Orthodox Church not far from Bellissimo

Bochotis – Best pastries and ice cream in Corfu Town

Controversially, Bochotis isn’t a restaurant, it’s a patisserie. But it is in Corfu Town, and it does involve food. So it’s going on the best restaurants in Corfu list regardless.

Bochotis’ glass counters- filled with cakes, biscuits, sweets and pastries- are TO DIE FOR. So much so that when in Corfu, I always make sure I have a selection of treats from this little patisserie in my cupboard. (Especially the biscuits, I’m extremely partial to a Corfiot biscuit). Bochotis also has an extensive selection of vegan desserts, and claims to sell the best ice cream in Corfu- which is all handmade using fresh Greek ingredients.

Situated under the archways on Nikiforou Theotoki- one of the central streets through the Old Town- Bochotis Patisserie is super easy to find. (If you’re having trouble, just follow your nose.)

Bochotis (also spelt MPochotis), Nikiforou Theotoki 25

Pane e Souvlaki – Best Souvlaki in Corfu Town

Because you can’t go to Greece without tucking in to some souvlaki. Surely?

Pane e Souvlaki is no ‘hidden gem,’ in fact it’s probably one of the most well-known eateries in Corfu- because they are EXPERTS in their field. The little restaurant in front of the town hall specialises in souvlaki, and the tables and chairs outside seem to be consistently packed. When it comes to souvlaki, Pane e Souvlaki really know what they’re doing.

Souvlaki is served up to hungry punters straight from the grill, and the restaurant also has a selection of starters, sides, wines and beers to accompany it with. There are a few vegan options on the menu- falafel wraps, salads and hummus being the highlights, and takeaway is available.

Pane e Souvlaki, Gkilford 77

These are the seven Corfu Old Town restaurants which I would recommend to anyone and everyone. But- there are so many options here, that visitors are truly spoilt for choice!

If you’re a regular visitor to Corfu- are there any eateries that you think I should add to the best restaurants in Corfu Town list?

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