Germany is a Strange Old Place

I’ve now spent a grand total of four months of my life living in Germany, and almost a year working with the people of this great nation (not all of them obviously. That’s quite a lot of people to be working with) Don’t get me wrong, a year isn’t that much time but it’s time enough to have made a few observations of this strange place I find myself in.  Continue reading


What to do in Hamburg

The last time I wrote about my experiences of Hamburg I was in a state of mild doom and gloom at the prospect of spending six weeks of my life living here- see SOS From Hamburg! for more info on the sheer desperation I was feeling- it’s a cracker. However I’m pleased to say that since that moment I managed to find my feet, got stuck into things and life carried on. I also managed to see past the hypodermic needles, blood and smashed bottles spattered across the streets of Sankt Pauli in the early mornings (I’m really selling Hamburg to you, aren’t I!?), to the silver lining that lies beneath. Despite elements of the city that are downright unpleasant, this can be said for probably any city in the world, and there are places here that are actually pretty awesome having given it time to acclimatise to.  Every cloud does have a silver lining, I’m sure of it. Here is what I think you should be doing if you ever find yourself in Hamburg and wondering what on earth to do with yourself…

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SOS from Hamburg!!!

Here’s a life update for you guys. I’m currently located in Hamburg, Germany, and I will be here rehearsing for another month and a half. I find honesty is the best policy when it comes to writing blogs, so I’m just going to come out and say it right away: I DO NOT LIKE THIS CITY. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m staying on the Reeperbahn, ie the red light district’s main road for red light shenanigans. Wherever I turn I’m confronted with PVC-clad hooker-types (I actually don’t have a problem with these as generally they’re quite polite), hordes of aggressive-seeming stag parties (generally not polite), and collections of similarly aggressive drunken homeless people. Also, strangely, the odd very old German couple strolling along as if they’re on Eastbourne Pier, merrily meandering through the cacophony and snapping away with their cameras so they can remember these scenes forever. The main scent clogging the air is a combination of urine and bins, and as the days have worn on I feel increasingly like I’m in some kind of strange post-apocalyptic video game, dodging zombie-like creatures dragging their limbs along, sobbing women who’ve had waaaay too much to drink, and almost worst of all- gigantic piles of sick plastered across the floor. It. Is. Dirty.

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