If You Go to Marche, Make Sure You Do This: 

Marche is one of the least-visited regions in Italy. That’s not to say that nobody ever goes there, it’s just that people have far more pressing matters to be getting on with when venturing to Italy, like seeing Rome, or Pompeii, or Venice, or basically any of about twenty other must-see-before you die locations. It sits on the right hand side of the country, between the Adriatic Sea and the Appenine Mountains, and all I’m saying is it’s full on, big time, beautiful. I knew absolutely nothing about Marche whatsoever, until the actual day that I arrived there, but…it is incredible, and you should definitely go there, particularly if you like to explore locations that are a little less touristy.

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What I Learnt When I Taught in Italy- Week 2 

1.  What it feels like to be homesick. 

I have never been really, properly and truly homesick. But after spending a week with my lovely host family in Mondavio, it was time to up sticks and move to a new family home in nearby San Lorenzo, and weirdly this is the first time in my life that I have ever properly emotionally missed a home. Admittedly having had approximately three hours sleep and a ridiculous quantity of alcohol the night before meeting my new family can only have exacerbated my emotional state, but it was a pretty terrible feeling nonetheless.

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