What I Learnt When I Taught in Italy- Week 2 

1.  What it feels like to be homesick. 

I have never been really, properly and truly homesick. But after spending a week with my lovely host family in Mondavio, it was time to up sticks and move to a new family home in nearby San Lorenzo, and weirdly this is the first time in my life that I have ever properly emotionally missed a home. Admittedly having had approximately three hours sleep and a ridiculous quantity of alcohol the night before meeting my new family can only have exacerbated my emotional state, but it was a pretty terrible feeling nonetheless.

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What I Learned When I Taught in Italy- week one

Somehow, with no interview or even a whiff of a TEFL qualification on my CV, I had been offered a job teaching Drama in English to Italian kids, IN ITALY. I booked myself onto a flight to Bologna and only the night before leaving did I begin to panic that this whole thing was an extremely bizarre and elaborate prank. I mean, I’d never actually spoken to these people…they could actually be the Mafia for all I knew. AND WHY DIDN’T THEY CARE ABOUT SEEING A DBS CHECK??  After umming and ahing for some time I decided to board the plane on the off chance that it would be a worthwhile experience, and oh Lordy am I glad I did.

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