2 Days in Santorini (Budget Edition) 

For some reason which I can no longer actually quite put my finger on, once upon a time I decided it would be a fantastic idea to head off to Greece, for a grand total of seventeen glorious days. I would be spending some time solo, some time cruising around with my good pal Rachel, and some time visiting another absolute legend- my other good pal Erin, who moved out there a while ago. Rachel and I had also been promised ‘THREE KEYS’ in Lefkada (one for a house, one for a boat and one for a car), several times, by a Greek chap we worked with; the elusive THREE KEYS never materialised but maybe that’s for the best. (In case you’re wondering, THREE KEYS has to be written in capitals because that’s exactly how he said it, with a good dose of spit thrown in for luck.) So here we go pals: after a failed attempt at sleeping in Gatwick airport (was awoken by sniffer dogs), and one night in an Athens hostel, resulting in oversleeping by two hours and almost missing my second flight, our story begins….on the tiny and very insta-famous island of Santorini.  Continue reading


What to Do in Lanzarote 

If you’re not the kind of person that loves package holidays, English breakfasts in non-English places and sunbathing until you’re red as a lobster, you might be thinking Lanzarote is not the location for you. Well YOU THOUGHT WRONG, MY FRIEND!!! Not only did my grandad live there back in the day, but in more recent times I’ve also been able to explore regularly whilst working on a cruise ship. One of the Canary Islands which lie off the coast of West Africa, once you get past the major touristy areas and into the rest of the island, it is a beaut place to be with a unique landscape unlike any I’ve ever seen before. The whole island has been molded by it’s volcanic past, growing mountains and carving caves through the bizarre landscape of rocks, black sand and every now and again a sprawl of succulents and cacti. Continue reading

What I Learnt From 2 Days in Rome (Dreams Come True: The Sequel)

When I was eight years old, I wrote to Girl Talk (a comic for like-minded eight year old girls across England), telling them that I had loved learning about the Romans so much at school that it was my ultimate dream to learn even more about the Romans, in my own spare time. The editors at Girl Talk HQ clearly took pity on me and decided to help me realise my dream by taking me to a Roman museum in Dover (of all the places), where they dressed me up in a hessian tunic and gave me a tour which was featured on a full page spread on their ‘Dreams Come True’page. I was pretty disappointed about the hessian tunic if I’m honest as I’d worn my lime green Spice Girls dress and knee high socks specially for the occasion, but the rest of the day really was a dream come true. Good one, Girl Talk! Anyway…the point that I’m getting to is that eight year old me would be so ragingly proud of the fact that I JUST GOT BACK FROM REAL LIFE ROME!! At long last, I actually got to visit my childhood land of dreams, my own personal Disneyland.  Continue reading

What to do in Hamburg

The last time I wrote about my experiences of Hamburg I was in a state of mild doom and gloom at the prospect of spending six weeks of my life living here- see SOS From Hamburg! for more info on the sheer desperation I was feeling- it’s a cracker. However I’m pleased to say that since that moment I managed to find my feet, got stuck into things and life carried on. I also managed to see past the hypodermic needles, blood and smashed bottles spattered across the streets of Sankt Pauli in the early mornings (I’m really selling Hamburg to you, aren’t I!?), to the silver lining that lies beneath. Despite elements of the city that are downright unpleasant, this can be said for probably any city in the world, and there are places here that are actually pretty awesome having given it time to acclimatise to.  Every cloud does have a silver lining, I’m sure of it. Here is what I think you should be doing if you ever find yourself in Hamburg and wondering what on earth to do with yourself…

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SOS from Hamburg!!!

Here’s a life update for you guys. I’m currently located in Hamburg, Germany, and I will be here rehearsing for another month and a half. I find honesty is the best policy when it comes to writing blogs, so I’m just going to come out and say it right away: I DO NOT LIKE THIS CITY. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m staying on the Reeperbahn, ie the red light district’s main road for red light shenanigans. Wherever I turn I’m confronted with PVC-clad hooker-types (I actually don’t have a problem with these as generally they’re quite polite), hordes of aggressive-seeming stag parties (generally not polite), and collections of similarly aggressive drunken homeless people. Also, strangely, the odd very old German couple strolling along as if they’re on Eastbourne Pier, merrily meandering through the cacophony and snapping away with their cameras so they can remember these scenes forever. The main scent clogging the air is a combination of urine and bins, and as the days have worn on I feel increasingly like I’m in some kind of strange post-apocalyptic video game, dodging zombie-like creatures dragging their limbs along, sobbing women who’ve had waaaay too much to drink, and almost worst of all- gigantic piles of sick plastered across the floor. It. Is. Dirty.

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24 Hours in Copenhagen (Budget Edition)

After a week in Sweden, I decided to return to London via Copenhagen- partly because it was cheaper, (strange but true fact)- and partly because it seemed like a way more fun idea than just going straight home. Denmark is known for being rather expensive, so as is my normal style when visiting a highly-priced location, I turned the whole experience into a game of ‘how-little-can-I-spend-whilst-still-having-fun-times.’ So here you go pals- in no particular order are my top purse-friendly things to do or see in Copenhagen. Continue reading

Try-Before-You-Die: Swedish Foods

Alright there pals! I’m currently located in snowy Sweden, it’s -3 degrees Celsius (which isn’t too bad, all things considered), and I’ve just tucked into my first Semla bun ever in the history of my life. Every time I arrive in Sweden it seems to be just in time for a different annual food-based event; either I can detect food from all the way back in England (it’s possible) or there are continually food-based events occurring here. Either way, here is a quick run-through of the Scandinavian treats I have so far been lucky enough to sample since I first visited- some of them are plain delicious, others are more of an acquired taste and need a decent level of mental preparation before sampling.

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